DES2018-香港影音玩樂展 – DES2018-香港影音玩樂展
因為參與DES2018影音玩樂展,九龍尖沙咀星光行陳列室,將會11月22-25日暫停營業。有興趣選購我們產品,歡迎週末來到九展E07/E09。東主有喜,三天特價優惠! 我們也有一系列講座,分享知識。聽音響是高品味嗜好。從音樂,找到內心的時光。

Dear customer,
We are attending the DES2018 show, our TST Star House showroom will be closed from Nov.22 to 25. Sorry for the inconveniences. We welcome you to join the event. We will have special discounts this weekend at the show. Thank you for your support.

Devialet Phantom Reactor

全新推出Phantom Reactor 有 Reactor 600 / Reactor 900 兩個型號,外型大小完全一樣 。


Phantom Reactor是第一款讓您更深入聲音的家用揚聲器。



Reactor 600 (內建600瓦擴大機) 售價台幣43,990,港幣9,990。
Reactor 900 (內建900瓦擴大機) 售價台幣55,990,港幣12,990。

每個體積 219x157x168mm 是 Phantom Premier 的 ¼。
適合擺放在書桌上。重量達4.5kg,能再生-6dB 18Hz極低頻!

法國 Devial​​et Active Xover Design活動

法國 Devial​​et Active Xover Design (AXD) 活動活動地點:香港 Square Wave
日期和時間:2018年9月21日星期五 – 下午5點至晚上8點。
演示人:Mr. Kent Poon(SquareWave)我們會準備紅白酒及小食,也歡迎客戶帶同紅酒一起分享。本次活動將介紹各種不同的揚聲器分音器設計。包括無源分頻器 (Kent將會分享年輕時也曾設計過不錯的揚聲器),有源分頻器(Klangwerk,Unity Audio,PSI,ATC) 和數字DSP 分音器設計(Dutch&Dutch,Grimm Audio)。法國音響技術開發和製造商 Devial​​et 與幾家揚聲器公司(B&W,Vivid Audio和Estelon)合作推出了一個新的 A.X.D.系統,不僅從多部放大器,還帶有獨立分頻設計。我們將以3台 x Devial​​et Expert 220Pro 演示,來驅動一對特別版Estelon YB(沒有內置無源分頻器)。座位有限。請通過以下聯繫表格加入我們的活動,或者WhatsApp我們的同事和直接致電3563 9535註冊。

Devialet Active Xover Design (AXD) event.

Event location: Square Wave Hong Kong
Address: RM616, Star House, 3 Salisbury Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon.
Date and Time: Friday Sept 21, 2018 – 5pm to 8pm.
Presentator: Mr. Kent Poon (SquareWave)
This event will go through various loudspeaker crossover designs, including passive crossovers ( (Kent designed some pretty decent speakers in his young age), active crossovers (ATC, Klangwerk, Unity Audio, PSI) and digital DSP crossover designs (Dutch & Dutch, Grimm Audio). France audio technology developer and manufacturer Devialet has been worked together with few loudspeaker companies (B&W, Vivid Audio & Estelon) to bring in a new AXD systems with not only multi-amplifications but also band split design. We will demonstrate 3 x Devialet Expert 220Pro units driving a pair of special edition Estelon YB (without internal passive crossover).
Seats are limited. Please join us by the following contact form, or simply drop us a facebook message, WhatsApp or direct call office 3563 9535 for registeration.


HKAV Show 2018《2018香港高級視聽展》
8月10-12日 – AV Show香港高級視聽展 (Hall3-X28) 方浪音響房 講座活動時間表
因為今次音響展我們Hall3 – X 28場地較少,不能容納太多參加者。所以有興趣的朋友請盡快報名注冊,以便我們可以一起討論交流音響與音樂的快樂!
感謝各位支持! 到時見!


新年快樂! 祝大家身體健康! 心想事成! 財源廣進! 日日靚聲!
我們今年第一個推出新品牌是荷蘭 Grimm Audio. 我們認識了十多年後正式合作。Grimm Audio 代表作品包括全DSP控制主動式揚聲器系統LS1be及數碼時鐘! Grimm Audio 數碼時鐘被譽為全球最佳音響主時鐘。其首批CC2數碼音響主時鐘已經全數售罄售,新一輪會在三月初到貨。由音響發燒友角度這個CC2比電源線還便宜 (零售價港幣HKD$6,800)。如果你有時用Master Clock WLK, 我誠意推薦Grimm Audio的產品。2017全球五大母帶製作室,有兩間正在使用Grimm數碼主時鐘。

Devialet Core Infinity Upgrade

The Devialet Core Infinity Upgrade is started. We have a join agreement with Devialet that they will centralised the upgrade in their  office. There are few ways to apply your upgrade.

  1. If you have registered an user account you should received a notification email about the process.
  2. Email customer care of Devialet (
  3. If you would like us perform this application for you please contact us.

Thank you and next few months we will be exploring the infinity possibility of CI. For the white paper, you can visit here.

Devialet “Core Infinity” 升級正式開始。 我們和Devialet有協議將升級集中在他們的辦公室。 以下有幾種方法來啟動您的升級。

  • 如果您已經註冊了一個用戶帳戶,您應該收到來自Devialet關於CI的通知電子郵件
  • 電子郵件客戶服務Devialet(
  • 你想我們執行這個服,歡迎您聯繫我們。

謝謝,接下來的幾個月我們將探索Devialet Core Infinity的無限可能性。對於白皮書,您可以遊覽這裡


Thank you for all music and audio lover supporting SquareWave. 2017 is fading out.

How was your 2017?

We have founded SquareWave Taiwan company and our own SquareWave Taipei showroom in Daan district. We have few more new colleagues, in charged by Mr. Zac Lee and Ms. Hailey Hou. We are growing into a little bit bigger company, but remain a very small firm. We like to be a small firm because to us in audio business, especially retail business is ideal to have interact directly with customers. If you ever bought something from SquareWave you know what that means. For myself, as I am locked on the field for never ending multi-tasks, I shall re-tune and be more reachable for our users and sharing.

Keeping reasonable fair stable prices too all customers is one of SquareWave important goals. Last few Christmas we have done “Only-One” demo discount to entire product line to share our Christmas Boxing Day and Happy New Year happiness. This year we will have some very special deals. You may start seeing them on the right hand side bar. E-commerce and catalog would be another area we are moving toward.

We wish you and your family an even better 2018, if you are interested to some of our brands/products, please visit us for a listen and chat. We will never forget why we are working so hard everyday, cos we are audiophiles too.

Best wishes,
Kent Poon

Devialet Duo Gold Phantom Christmas Package A

Goodbye Aurender


SquareWave 方浪音響跟韓國品牌Aurender要分手了。




法國Devialet S.A.M (Speaker Active Matching)示範活動

法國Devialet S.A.M (Speaker Active Matching)示範活動 (台灣站及香港站)

SquareWave Taipei 台灣站:
Date 日期:Aug. 29 / 8月29日(Tuesday 星期二)Time 時間:下午5pm至7pm
洽詢電話:02-27316632或0910766801 (以下可以網上留位) 網上留位

SquareWave Hong Kong 香港站:
Date 日期:Sept. 8 / 9月8日(Friday 星期五)Time 時間:下午5pm至7pm
RM615 – Star House, TST, Kowloon. Hong Kong
洽詢電話:3563 9535 (以下可以網上留位)

法國Devialet Expert擴大機系列最著名的S.A.M 主動低頻配對功能,為當今Hi End市場唯一創舉,能針對不同品牌喇叭型號之低頻曲線進行最優化處理。目前已經有超過多達700款以上各大品牌型號完成S.A.M 優化設定。為了讓台灣/香港地區玩家能夠實際體驗S.A.M 優化的步驟以及喇叭優化後的前後差異,方浪音響特別邀請S.A.M.技術工程師Maxime (Nataulius視頻內工程師) 示範,所有Expert系列的用家或者有興趣的發燒友都可以於官方FB留言或者來電預約參加。相關活動訊息如下: