Estelon Lynx Intelligent Speaker will host a press release on 2017 AV Show Aug. 11 -12:30pm. Hall 3  X-27.

Estelon Lynx 智能揚聲器將於香港會議中心3號展廳X-27登場 公開發佈會將會在 Aug. 11 首天中午12:30pm 

More information:

Globally acclaimed high-end audio brand Estelon Founder and Chief Designer Mr. Alfred Vassilkov and his team launched their new Estelon Intelligent Audio technology together with the preview of intelligent Estelon LYNX speakers on August 11 – 12:30pm at Hong Kong AV Show 2017.

Tallinn based Estelon is renowned worldwide as one of the best high-end designer audio brands. The brand’s most recent Model YB received the Red Dot award 2017 for product design while the company’s flagship loudspeaker, the Estelon Extreme, scooped the Best of Innovation Award 2015 in the High-Performance Audio and Video category at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. Other Estelon products have also won numerous editor’s choice and best performance awards around the world.

The Estelon Intelligent Audio technology facilitates wireless transmission of top-quality audio without any additional equipment. The corner stone of Estelon Intelligent Audio is its unique signal chain that uses DSD bit-stream to directly drive each loudspeaker without any signal conversion or further processing. This approach is the pure audiophile equivalent of classic “as short as possible” signal chain, delivering an uncompromised precise soundstage.

The innovative technology used by Estelon LYNX that for the first time previewed in Munich removes the need for extra equipment, because all functions that were previously performed by amplifiers and other devices or components are now executed within Estelon LYNX, using the features of tomorrow’s technology and software.

According to Alfred Vassilkov, Founder and Chief Designer of Estelon, it marks the beginning of a new era in the global audio industry by changing our concept of listening to quality music.

“From the moment of their creation, Estelon’s goal has been to make the best speakers in the world. With Estelon Intelligent Audio technology, we open a door to the future, responding to people’s need to experience pure high-end audio through a wireless and intelligent system,” Vassilkov said. “Estelon innovative hardware and software solutions make it easier than ever to have a superb musical experience. We knew what we wanted to achieve when we started developing it, but at each step of the way we had to invent something new and push the limits of audio technology.”

In order to control Estelon Intelligent Audio technology, you only need to connect the speakers with the power cable and everything else happens inside the Estelon LYNX. You can directly play music from a portable device or over internet-based music streaming services, using the specially developed Estelon app. The elimination of extra equipment results in a clear and natural sound, providing a perfect, energetic and detailed concert experience within your home.

In addition to unrivalled technical quality, Estelon LYNX also represents ideal aesthetic harmony. The appearance of the speakers is based on high-end design, and the speakers can also acoustically adapt to the surrounding room through height adjustment. This creates the best possible soundscape for the listener. The height adjustment function is available through Estelon’s smart app.