[OTA] SW Ver 4.1(Rose 4.1.03) OTA Release

[OTA] SW Ver 4.1(Rose 4.1.03) OTA Release

Update date: 2022/02/08(Tue) PM 08:00(GMT +9)
How to update: Rose device Settings → System Info → System Version Information → Update (ROSE OS: 4.1.03)
Updated version: Ver 4.1(Rose OS 4.1.03)
RoseConnectPremium for Android : Ver
RoseConnectPremium for IOS : 2022/2/15(Tue). Distribution via App Store
Update for : RS150 / RS150B / RS201 / RS250

[Update contents]

1. Added and improved features for RS201&RS150&RS250

  • Tidal(Setting) → User voucher information added
  • Changed to disable public setting when music is included in the playlist
  • Setting → Show available capacity in storage information
  • Setting → Text of the user account page changed
  • CD Title → Changed to display as Number + Track in case of unknown
  • Hiface usb audio driver support
  • Rose Login routine when entering Rose Tube

[RoseConnect Premium – Android]

  • Rose Connect connection status display function added (Top right of the remote control)

(Normal Connection: Green / Connecting: Yellow / Disconnected: Red, When the remote control is selected, the corresponding information is displayed as a pop-up)

  • Rose Connect → App version, installation date and UI displayed at the top right of the remote control
  • Music → My Music menu added
  • Rose Tube → My Rose Tube menu added

2. System stabilization for RS150 / RS150B / RS201A / RS250

  • The problem that search results were not displayed when searching for Qobuz is Fixed
  • Rose Tube → Fixed the problem that All, Shuffle play buttons does not operate in navigation View All
  • Fixed VU closing problem when switching to the next song after play music (VU meter ON)
  • Fixed the issue where playback stopped at a specific location in sone SACD ISOs
  • BT sound playback → Fixed the problem that the screen moved to the ROSE main home when switching to the next song.
  • Music → Fixed ‘Empty the queue and add’ in MUSIC > Folder menu.
  • Fixed the problem that didn’t apply immediately when setting repeat playback of one song while playing a sound source
  • Fixed the phenomenon of slight deviation of focus of the Rose FM channel
  • After setting the play information (larger), the artist name and the Play button UI does not overlap when playing the CD is fixed
  • Media Library → Fixed the phenomenon that the playback screen was exposed when DB was deleted
  • Fixed the problem that the entire video could not be played when there is a subfolder in the video folder.
  • Fixed the phenomenon that the playback time increases up to 6 seconds when switching to the next song during CD playback
  • Fixed the phenomenon that the last applied Preout Level setting value was not maintained when changing HDMI/USB DAC output
  • Fixed VU closing when changing channels in Rose Connect during radio/podcast playback (VU Meter ON)
  • Fixed some European language decoding errors
  • Fixed an issue where I/O settings did not change in sets when playing ROON
  • Improved the Phenomenon that the loading bar continues in certain Rose Tube videos
  • Improved usability for Ethernet Static IP setting
  • Improved CD playback starting speed
  • Improved noise when changing songs while using digital input

RoseConnectPremium for Android

  • Music → Fixed the problem that the 21st track in the album was not visible
  • Fixed the problem that the app closes when entering after leaving the music screen page for a long time
  • Recent played tracks/Albums/Playlists → Fixed the problem that the ADD Play all player playlist button does not work
  • Fixed an issue where only 20 Rose Tube subscriptions were displayed
  • Fixed the problem that Youtube sharing function does not work
  • TIDAL → Fixed an issue where only Top10 tracks were displayed when entering Visual Album
  • Rose Tube → Search → ViewAll → Fixed All/Shuffle playback error
  • Fixed an error related to gallery thumbnails in profile settings on Android OS 10

– Precautions –

  1. Do not turn off the power of ROSE during Software update.
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