[OTA] SW Ver 4.1(Rose 4.1.05) Software Release

[OTA] SW Ver 4.1(Rose 4.1.05) Software Release

– Update date: 2022/03/28 (Mon) PM 05:00 (GMT +9)
– How to update: Settings → System information → Click “Update” and then update the system
– Updated version: Ver 4.1 (Rose OS 4.1.05)
– RoseConnectPremium for Android : Ver
*RoseConnectPremium for iOS will be updated separately in the future.
– Update for: RS150(B)/RS201/RS250

[ Update Contents ]

  1. Rose Tube buffering error improvement
  • Fixed the problem that Rosetube playback could not procced further in buffered state.
  • Fixed an operation error when running other streaming services during Rose Tube buffering state
    *Caution: For Rosetube content with a long playback time, buffering may occur at the beginning of playback even if the network speed is smooth.

2. Added and improved features for RS201&RS150&RS250

  • Changed to match the encoding options of CD ripping and playback
  • Changed to reboot when OTA update download and installation fails
  • Added MQA information display when playing MQA channels on radio
  • Added icon display function on TV when playing Video/VLC
  • Classification and UI changes applied during media analysis/DB caching
  • Supports WV_DSD sound source playback

3. System stabilization for RS150 / RS150B / RS201A / RS250

  • Fixed the problem that the sound source list is not displayed or cannot be played when playing SACD ISO
  • RS150B > Fixed the issue of noise occurring when Phase Invert (input/output setting) is set to ON during balanced connection
  • Fixed the issue that the ROSE OS runs again when skipping to the previous/next song of Roon
  • Fixed Rosetube’s search history not showing problem
  • Fixed the problem that the volume cannot be adjusted when SW Vol Control is ON
  • Supports software volume control for CD playback
  • Other stabilization work and usability improvements

[RC Premium – Android]

  • Added Album’s Other Versions function (Displays a list of Other Versions for each streaming service in the detailed album)
  • Fixed the problem that the integrated queue list is different from the currently playing song after unlocking the phone
  • Fixed an app termination error when selecting ‘View All’ after ‘Go to Artist’
  • Fixed an error where the GUI screen was displayed abnormally when using a right-to-left (RTL) language like Arabic
  • Supports WV_DSD sound source playback

[ Precautions ]

  1. Do not turn off the power of ROSE during Software update.
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