Devialet Core Infinity Upgrade

The Devialet Core Infinity Upgrade is started. We have a join agreement with Devialet that they will centralised the upgrade in their  office. There are few ways to apply your upgrade.

  1. If you have registered an user account you should received a notification email about the process.
  2. Email customer care of Devialet (
  3. If you would like us perform this application for you please contact us.

Thank you and next few months we will be exploring the infinity possibility of CI. For the white paper, you can visit here.

Devialet “Core Infinity” 升级正式开始。 我们和Devialet有协议将升级集中在他们的办公室。 以下有几种方法来启动您的升级。

  • 如果您已经注册了一个用户帐户,您应该收到来自Devialet关于CI的通知电子邮件
  • 电子邮件客户服务Devialet(
  • 你想我们执行这个服,欢迎您联系我们。

谢谢,接下来的几个月我们将探索Devialet Core Infinity的无限可能性。对于白皮书,您可以游览这里