SAM Tour Sept. 2016

To all Hong Kong audiophiles and Devialet users.

Maxime Dumont, French Devialet SAM engineers will be visiting HK from Sunday 18th till Tuesday 20th. If your speakers are currently not on the SAM list (Please check them out here) , we would be delighted to setup a home visit with Maxime and SAM your particular speakers. This is a great opportunity for potential customers who are interested on Devialet Expert to perfectly matched with your own speakers.

法国高级音响品牌Devialet SAM工程师Maxime Dumont将会在本月18-20日来临香港。如各Devialet Expert 用户喇叭还没有 S.A.M. (请在这查阅) 或有兴趣使用Devialet Expert系统,都可以享受Paul家访及免费制作独特SAM程式,使你的喇叭百份之百配合Devialet优良Expert 系统。

欢迎致电我们 +852 3563 9535

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