[OTA] SW Ver 4.1(Rose 4.1.05) Software Release

[OTA] SW Ver 4.1(Rose 4.1.05) Software Release

– Update date: 2022/03/28 (Mon) PM 05:00 (GMT +9)
– How to update: Settings → System information → Click “Update” and then update the system
– Updated version: Ver 4.1 (Rose OS 4.1.05)
– RoseConnectPremium for Android : Ver
*RoseConnectPremium for iOS will be updated separately in the future.
– Update for: RS150(B)/RS201/RS250

[ Update Contents ]

  1. Rose Tube buffering error improvement
  • Fixed the problem that Rosetube playback could not procced further in buffered state.
  • Fixed an operation error when running other streaming services during Rose Tube buffering state
    *Caution: For Rosetube content with a long playback time, buffering may occur at the beginning of playback even if the network speed is smooth.

2. Added and improved features for RS201&RS150&RS250

  • Changed to match the encoding options of CD ripping and playback
  • Changed to reboot when OTA update download and installation fails
  • Added MQA information display when playing MQA channels on radio
  • Added icon display function on TV when playing Video/VLC
  • Classification and UI changes applied during media analysis/DB caching
  • Supports WV_DSD sound source playback

3. System stabilization for RS150 / RS150B / RS201A / RS250

  • Fixed the problem that the sound source list is not displayed or cannot be played when playing SACD ISO
  • RS150B > Fixed the issue of noise occurring when Phase Invert (input/output setting) is set to ON during balanced connection
  • Fixed the issue that the ROSE OS runs again when skipping to the previous/next song of Roon
  • Fixed Rosetube’s search history not showing problem
  • Fixed the problem that the volume cannot be adjusted when SW Vol Control is ON
  • Supports software volume control for CD playback
  • Other stabilization work and usability improvements

[RC Premium – Android]

  • Added Album’s Other Versions function (Displays a list of Other Versions for each streaming service in the detailed album)
  • Fixed the problem that the integrated queue list is different from the currently playing song after unlocking the phone
  • Fixed an app termination error when selecting ‘View All’ after ‘Go to Artist’
  • Fixed an error where the GUI screen was displayed abnormally when using a right-to-left (RTL) language like Arabic
  • Supports WV_DSD sound source playback

[ Precautions ]

  1. Do not turn off the power of ROSE during Software update.

Weiss 5 系列第二代解码DAC50x-MK2正式推出!

Weiss 5 系列已获得超过8个国际年度大奖 – 第二代解码DAC50x-MK2正式推出!
DAC501/ DAC502 – MK1 推出后的6年时间…..
自2016年瑞士数位音响专家Weiss威仕推出第一代5系列产品 ,主脑人Daniel Weiss获得了瑞士联邦政府支持,在瑞士意大利地区的SUPSI “瑞士南方应用技术大学”,进行三维沈浸式音频学术研究。Daniel Weiss与SUPSI 3D Audio研究成功并于2020年获得了XTC”立体声串扰消除扬声器重播”专利商标。瑞士政府对该研究持续提供第二阶段支持。DanielI对三维沈浸式音频的想法,是使用最少数量扬声器以产生串扰音频消除区,创造现实生活中的真实三维沈浸式音频重播。2021年Daniel更获得Grammy’s Technical Award格兰美技术大奖。此奖项是终生成就大奖,表扬其数位音频科技的研发贡献。
DAC50x-MK2 是Weiss 5系列第二代具有独特DSP技术的D/A转换器和网络音频串流播放器。DAC501和DAC502的区别在于两点: 1) 502机箱宽度是音响标准阔度 / 501只是半阔度 2) DAC502背部有附加一组4pin XLR耳机输出。DAC501/502 拥有相同的高品质和功能。
第一代DAC501/DAC502(或简称DAC50x)是极其优秀且听起来悦耳的D/A转换器。它们在市场已经有6年时间,不过功能效果仍然很强劲。最近才获得澳洲2022音响年度大奖,也是5系列第8个全球年度大奖! 在研究如何实现三维音频现场音乐重播的目标,我们现在正式推出 5系列Mark II版本 – DAC501-4ch和DAC502-4ch。我们自家音频制作工程师Joschka Weiss表示,与第一代DAC解码部分相比,-4ch版本“实现了另一个级别的声音性能”。
“第一代DAC50x器材是可升级为MK2-4ch版本。升级的是一个全新模拟解码模组部分,需要安装在器材内,并且需要加载一个Mark II的新软件。我们的目标一直是保持我们的设备可作升级,以长期保护您的投资。同时我们仍有继续标准 DAC501 / DAC502存货供应。”



[OTA] SW Ver 4.1(Rose 4.1.03) OTA Release

[OTA] SW Ver 4.1(Rose 4.1.03) OTA Release

Update date: 2022/02/08(Tue) PM 08:00(GMT +9)
How to update: Rose device Settings → System Info → System Version Information → Update (ROSE OS: 4.1.03)
Updated version: Ver 4.1(Rose OS 4.1.03)
RoseConnectPremium for Android : Ver
RoseConnectPremium for IOS : 2022/2/15(Tue). Distribution via App Store
Update for : RS150 / RS150B / RS201 / RS250

[Update contents]

1. Added and improved features for RS201&RS150&RS250

  • Tidal(Setting) → User voucher information added
  • Changed to disable public setting when music is included in the playlist
  • Setting → Show available capacity in storage information
  • Setting → Text of the user account page changed
  • CD Title → Changed to display as Number + Track in case of unknown
  • Hiface usb audio driver support
  • Rose Login routine when entering Rose Tube

[RoseConnect Premium – Android]

  • Rose Connect connection status display function added (Top right of the remote control)

(Normal Connection: Green / Connecting: Yellow / Disconnected: Red, When the remote control is selected, the corresponding information is displayed as a pop-up)

  • Rose Connect → App version, installation date and UI displayed at the top right of the remote control
  • Music → My Music menu added
  • Rose Tube → My Rose Tube menu added

2. System stabilization for RS150 / RS150B / RS201A / RS250

  • The problem that search results were not displayed when searching for Qobuz is Fixed
  • Rose Tube → Fixed the problem that All, Shuffle play buttons does not operate in navigation View All
  • Fixed VU closing problem when switching to the next song after play music (VU meter ON)
  • Fixed the issue where playback stopped at a specific location in sone SACD ISOs
  • BT sound playback → Fixed the problem that the screen moved to the ROSE main home when switching to the next song.
  • Music → Fixed ‘Empty the queue and add’ in MUSIC > Folder menu.
  • Fixed the problem that didn’t apply immediately when setting repeat playback of one song while playing a sound source
  • Fixed the phenomenon of slight deviation of focus of the Rose FM channel
  • After setting the play information (larger), the artist name and the Play button UI does not overlap when playing the CD is fixed
  • Media Library → Fixed the phenomenon that the playback screen was exposed when DB was deleted
  • Fixed the problem that the entire video could not be played when there is a subfolder in the video folder.
  • Fixed the phenomenon that the playback time increases up to 6 seconds when switching to the next song during CD playback
  • Fixed the phenomenon that the last applied Preout Level setting value was not maintained when changing HDMI/USB DAC output
  • Fixed VU closing when changing channels in Rose Connect during radio/podcast playback (VU Meter ON)
  • Fixed some European language decoding errors
  • Fixed an issue where I/O settings did not change in sets when playing ROON
  • Improved the Phenomenon that the loading bar continues in certain Rose Tube videos
  • Improved usability for Ethernet Static IP setting
  • Improved CD playback starting speed
  • Improved noise when changing songs while using digital input

RoseConnectPremium for Android

  • Music → Fixed the problem that the 21st track in the album was not visible
  • Fixed the problem that the app closes when entering after leaving the music screen page for a long time
  • Recent played tracks/Albums/Playlists → Fixed the problem that the ADD Play all player playlist button does not work
  • Fixed an issue where only 20 Rose Tube subscriptions were displayed
  • Fixed the problem that Youtube sharing function does not work
  • TIDAL → Fixed an issue where only Top10 tracks were displayed when entering Visual Album
  • Rose Tube → Search → ViewAll → Fixed All/Shuffle playback error
  • Fixed an error related to gallery thumbnails in profile settings on Android OS 10

– Precautions –

  1. Do not turn off the power of ROSE during Software update.

2022 Final Sale

新年快乐! 感谢过百客户在2021年最后4天参与我们的跨年大减价。

Final Sale将会在明天1月5日中午12时正式开始!

希望大家买到方浪心头好! 未来3周也会上传一些特价组合!首次尝试实体及网店eShop同步发售!


承蒙厚爱不胜感激! 同时祝愿各位身体健康!

HiFiRose RoseConnect for Windows PC and MAC (Ver4.04)

Hello HiFiRose customers!

For the first time since RoseOS 4.0 was distributed, we distribute the Rose Connect for PC and MAC.

It is still in beta, but it is distributed for ROSE 4.0 update.

Control model: RS150(B), RS250, RS201
Version: Ver 4.0.4 (PC, MAC)

For Windows PC:

For Mac:

– Improvement –

  1. Total Home
  • Add Total Home (Favorite, User Picks, Friend Management)
  • Add playlist function improved
  1. Music, Rosetube, TIDAL, Bugs, Qobuz (Create playlists by item and can create integrated playlists)
  2. Add additional function to an existing playlist
  • Favorite function added
  1. Ability to view only the Likes (hearts)
  2. It is divided into tracks/ albums/ playlists, and you can check only the items you want by using filters.
    *TIDAL and Bugs are currently being implemented. We will add features to the next version.
  • Added User Picks function
  1. Changed function from the existing friend’s playlist view function
  2. You can check and play all public playlists other than your friend’s public playlists
  • Enhanced friend management function
    You can use the friend add/delete/request function more conveniently
  1. Integrated queue
  • Displays the number of tracks included in the integrated cue. (Example: 105/3000)
  • Recommended play function has been added.
    Recommended play can be turned on/off, and a recommended playlist is automatically added based on the last track.
  1. Music
  • Category, Album > Search function improvement
    You can search by filter (file type, bit depth, sampling rate).
  1. Tidal
  • Improved speed when loading home, navigation and video items
    When you click an item, you can check it a little faster by improving the time to display the item.
  1. Qobuz
  • Home UI changes
    Ideal Discography and Qobuziisime categories have been added.
  • Added filter function
    Home, Browse > Filter function has been added to allow you to search by genre.
  • Changed album detail view screen
    The album’s information was expressed in more detail.
    (Number of tracks/playtime/release date and album description added)
    The tracks of the album are divided by CD and the resolution of each track is indicated.
    A credit entry has been added to provide more detailed information about the track.
  • Changed playlist detail view screen
    The playlist information has been expressed in more detail. (The number of tracks/playtime/update date and playlist description are added.)
    The Hi-Res and resolution of the playlist track are marked separately on the track.
  1. Others
  • You can search/see/play ISO files

2021-2022 SuperSale 跨年超级大减价

SquareWave 2021-2022 SuperSale

没有现货供应可作预订。所有销售产品,会由一月中开始安排取货, 送货, 安装等等


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


12月21日 (星期二) 冬至 : 5pm 提早休息
12月24日(星期五) 平安夜 : 5pm 提早休息
12月25日-27日: 休息
12月28日 (星期二) 12pm 跨年超级大减价
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Fine Sound Club 美乐会2021

Fine Sound Club 美乐会2021
美乐会2021活动,Kent Poon每日一场讲座分享音响重要题目,特别是数码媒体最新资讯科技。星期六门票已经售罄。星期日中午12-1pm还剩余少量门票,期待跟大家见面交流。
富豪酒店美乐会- 方浪独立展示房间,由早上11时至晚上7时开放给购票观众。我们准备品牌包括: 韩国Rose串流播放器, 丹麦Vitus Audio合并放大器,荷兰Grimm Audio秘密多功能USB解码UC1v2,瑞士Weiss Engineering,Wattson Audio Emerson串流解码,还有法国Viard Audio接线,美国Avalon Acoustics Precision Monitor 3 喇叭。房间示范系统时间表会在明天上载。还有自家制高品质新唱片以特价发售。

Happy Mid-Autumn Festival!中秋佳节愉快!

Happy Mid-Autumn Festival!
祝福各位音乐音响爱好者 “人月俩团圆”!
2021年9月21日(星期二) 中秋节正日5pm提早休息。
2021年9月22日(星期三) 公众假期休息